It’s the perfect time of year for dog walking thanks to the warm weather, longer evenings, and mother nature being in full bloom. However, there are some hazards to keep in mind particularly during the summer months. Here are some tips that will help you keep your dog safe and healthy even during the hottest days of the year:

Pavement Checks

Take a moment and check to see how hot the pavement is. If the pavement is too hot for your hands, it is definitely too hot for those tender paws.


During the summer months pay special attention to your dog’s water consumption. Before you heading out, grab some water for the road to share with your dog. Make sure that your dog is comfortable drinking water out of the vessel you have chosen before going out for walks.

Sun Protection

During the peak sunlight hours, remember to apply sunscreen to your dogs or ensure that they stay in the shade– this is especially important for thin or white furred dogs. Some areas that are especially sensitive to the sun are around the nose and lips, in the groin area, on the belly, and the tips of the ears. If you do not have access to canine sunscreen you can use baby sunscreens. Many dogs will lick the lotion so you never want to use a sunscreen containing Zinc Oxide.

Fleas & Ticks

Avoid walking in areas that have tall grasses and thick bushes. At the end of your walk do a quick once over to check your dogs for fleas and ticks. It is always recommended that you discuss flea and tick prevention with your Veterinarian.


On those blistering hot days you may want to schedule your walks around the peak sunlight hours. Early morning or later on in the day are ideal times to walk your dog. In the event that your dog begins to overheat, be sure to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of heatstroke ahead of time.

Distance & Landscape

A pleasant walk can go downhill quickly if you do not plan ahead and take precautions to ensure that your dog is comfortable enough to make the return trip. Keep an eye out for shady resting spots so that you and your dog can take a break from the sun. Also, be cautious of being over motivated; dogs want to please us, even when doing so isn’t good for them.

Have Fun!

Now it is time to leash those puppies and enjoy the warm weather. Walking during the summer months is a great time to exercise and bond with your dog, by following these tips you will be able to enjoy all that summer has to offer!

    – Tracy