About Tracy

Tracy Calsavara is the owner/operator of Absolutely Fetching Dog Training.

Tracy graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behaviour (KPA-CTP), studying under Carolyn Clarke. She is also a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy in both the Shelter and Enrichment Training and Puppy Start Right courses.

Since 2010 Tracy has visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab Utah volunteering and completed week long workshops in Dog Handling, Advanced Dog Handling and Behaviour Modification. Tracy has also attended many seminars on positive dog training conducted by leading trainers including Kathy Sdao, Keith Rodrequis, Emily Weiss, and Karen Pryor.

Tracy believes in Relationship-based training. Her training meets the needs of both her clients and their dogs. She helps her clients set their dogs up to succeed as well as understand how their dog is communicating through body language. The end goal is to have a well-mannered companion dog by developing a loving, trusting relationship.

Behaviour Modification, Enrichment, and Socialization are three areas of training Tracy uses to teach people to bond and form a working relationship with their companion dogs.

Tracy and her husband Louie have four adult children, Lauren, Brittany, Louis, David, and four grandchildren. The family currently has one dog named Lola, with three grand-dogs; Jaxon, Daisy May and Leonard. They currently foster for the Windsor Essex County Humane Society and Second Chance Rescue to help dogs in need.




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