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Relationship 101: Five Ways to Bond With Your Pet

  Your pet is often one of your best friends, but that doesn’t mean that your relationship does not require work. To create a meaningful, strong relationship with your pet try these tips to fast track the bonding process with your furry friend. Study Body Language: Animals may not speak our language, but they can […]

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Simple Steps to a Reliable Recall

As a dog owner, there is nothing more satisfying than recall, calling your dog and watching them run as fast as their legs can carry them to get to you. In the obedience training world a recall is the ability to have your dog come to you on command. A reliable recall is the ability […]

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Travelling with Pets

With the summer month approaching many pet owners are planning family vacations. Pets are considered an important part of most families, and more than ever before, people are not wanting to leave home without them. But travelling can be challenging and even more so when travelling with pets. So here are a few suggestions to […]

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween can be a fun night for children and families, but for your furry friends it can be downright scary and could turn into a nightmare.  Below are 6 suggestions to help your pets stay calm and safe this Halloween. Keep Your Pet Confined Do not leave your pets in the yard as the excitement […]

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