Group Classes

PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are no longer offering group classes. Contact me for private sessions.

Group classes are available to meet your puppy training needs. Looking for something more tailored or for older dogs? Check out all of our training options including one-on-one classes. 

Behaviour Modification Workshops coming soon! Stay tuned for more information & dates. 

Puppy Preschool

This five-week class is designed to combine dog socialization and introducing your puppy to positive experiences with new people, places, sounds, movement, and textures. 

You Will Learn:
Teach proper interaction with people and other dogs
Strengthen your bond with your puppy
Develop realistic expectations for your puppy
And More!

$150 for 5 weeks

Puppy Elementary

This class is the next step for Puppies that have completed Puppy Preschool.  These young graduates will take the behaviours that they have already learned in preschool and make them stronger.  Puppy Elementary will teach your puppy how to work calmly along side some of their furry friends.  This is done by increasing your expectations by adding distractions, distance, and duration.

$120 for 4 weeks

Behaviour Modification

This class teaches the foundations of obedience training, which is a great class for owners who are new to clicker training (or any training),  for dogs that have been re-homed, or just a refresher on their manners. The behaviours that will be taught are sit, down, stay/wait, leave it, recall, and leash walking. 

It is upon request. Contact us for more information.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for individual support.