Halloween can be a fun night for children and families, but for your Furry Friends, it can be downright scary. Below are 6 suggestions to help your pets stay calm and safe this Halloween:

Keep Your Pet Confined

Do not leave your pets in the yard as the excitement may be overwhelming and cause them to panic. Always remember to make sure that your animal is wearing proper identification in case they wander away.

Safe Room or Barrier

In the home, a safe room or barrier (baby gate) can prevent your Fido or Fluffy from fleeing and will give children who are fearful of animals some comfort.

Managing the Door

When the doorbell or a knock is heard by our Furry Friends that can cue “Alert” or for some animals “Flee.” This can be extremely stressful for our pets on Halloween night since it happens repeatedly. Arrange for someone to manage the door so they can preempt the knocking or bell ringing. If you’re feeling festive dress up and greet the children outside. Your pets will thank you!

Keep the Candy Bowl Out of Reach

Not only is chocolate toxic, but candy is also detrimental to your dog’s health. For example, a lollipop stick is a choking hazard since it can get lodged in your pet’s throat. Animals have a tendency to ingest both the candy and anything attached to it, including the wrapper. If your Fido or Fluffy gets into the Halloween stash, call your veterinarian immediately for direction and monitor them for diarrhea or vomiting.

Pet-Friendly Decorations

Halloween Jack-O’-Lanterns with battery-operated flames are a much safer option for our little human and furry friends. Candles are a fire hazard if accidentally knocked over or your pet decides to take a peek inside to see what is going on in that pumpkin.

Pets Trick-or-Treating?

Taking your pet out to Trick or Treat can be tons of fun, but some pets may find all the stimulation too much to handle.  Excited children in costumes running from door to door can be bewildering and downright scary to your Fido and Fluffy.

    – Tracy