Puppy Elementary

PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are no longer offering group classes. Contact me for private sessions.

  • This class is for dogs that have completed Puppy Preschool and are 5 to 12 months old.
  • If you haven’t completed Puppy Preschool and have a puppy that does not meet this criteria please contact us to discuss your options.
  • Maximum of 6 puppies

$120 for 4 weeks

This class is the next step for Puppies that have completed Puppy Preschool.  These young graduates will take the behaviours that they have already learned in preschool and make them stronger.  Puppy Elementary will teach your puppy how to work calmly along side some of their furry friends.  This is done by increasing your expectations by adding distractions, distance, and duration.  During the class the puppies will also participate in a short Playtime, but if your Puppy is conflicted about play the trainer will work on relaxation, self control, or confidence during this time.  

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