Puppy Preschool

PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are no longer offering group classes. Contact me for private sessions.

This five-week class is designed to combine dog socialization and introducing your puppy to positive experiences with new people, places, sounds, movement, and textures.  Providing your puppy with adequate socialization you will help prevent behavioural problems down the road.

Prerequisites: Puppies 10 weeks of age to 20 weeks of age (as of starting date). All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations.

$150 for 5 weeks

Enrolling your little furry friend into a well-organized puppy class is an excellent way to:

  • Teach proper interaction with people and other dogs
  • Strengthen your bond with your puppy
  • Develop realistic expectations for your puppy
  • Teach bite inhibition through puppy play
  • Learn what your dog's body language is saying to you
  • Tips and techniques on successful house training, crate training, jumping up, puppy nipping, and more.

Please note, your puppy needs to be vaccinated in order to participate in Puppy Preschool. DA2PP - 2nd booster and Bordetella (kennel cough) plus 10 days.  This is very important and without sending proof of these vaccines your dog will not be permitted on the premises.  This is to keep all puppies safe!

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