Relationship 101: Five Ways to Bond With Your Pet


Your pet is often one of your best friends, but that doesn’t mean that your relationship does not require work. To create a meaningful, strong relationship with your pet try these tips to fast track the bonding process with your furry friend.

  1. Study Body Language: Animals may not speak our language, but they can communicate.  Once you know how to read your pets posture and signals you will better understand their feelings.  These skills will help you establish and maintain a trusting and healthy relationship.
  2. Actions Say More Then Words: Since human language is verbal many pet owners assume that their pets understand what they are saying.  Not necessarily.  Too many words and directions can cause stress for your pet.  Remember silence can be golden.
  3. Date Night/or Day: Nothing is more valuable to your pet then your undivided attention.   So try to plan a special date once a week.  You could stay home or go on an adventure.  Try a picnic, find a quiet room and read them a book, prepare a special meal, or watch the stars and play some soothing music.  Whatever you decide, remember to put away that cell phone.
  4. Teamwork: Train with your pet at least 10 minutes every day.  Positive reinforcement training is a great way to strengthen your bond.  Learn what reinforcements are most workable for your pet.
  5. Set the Rules: Making the rules is the easy part, but being consistent with them can be more challenging.  So on the couch or off is irrelevant.  If you are looking to fortify a strong and loving bond then be clear and concise, with no wavering.


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