Travelling with Pets

With the summer month approaching many pet owners are planning family vacations. Pets are considered an important part of most families, and more than ever before, people are not wanting to leave home without them. But travelling can be challenging and even more so when travelling with pets. So here are a few suggestions to help make travelling with your furry friends effortless.

Plan Ahead:

  • Call to confirm that accommodations are pet friendly
  • Check identity tags to make sure that they are up to date and the writing is clear
  • Consider having your pet micro-chipped as collars do break or fall off
  • Always travel with an updated copy of your pet’s medical certificate
  • Remember to pack any medication that your pet may require
  • Never change your pet’s food during a vacation and always pack extra portions

En Route:

  • Keeping your animals hydrated is always very important. Travelling can be stressful for your furry friends and staying hydrated will aid in regulating your pets stress
  • Plan on making frequent stops to enjoy a cold drink of water and a potty break
  • It is advisable that your animal travel on an empty stomach. If you place their meal portion in a ziplock bag, you can give them small amounts as you travel
  • Never allow your animal to roam freely in your vehicle. When travelling with a cat you should alway confine them in an appropriately sized carrier. Dogs should be harnessed in a seatbelt, contained behind a pet barrier, or if you have room, crating is advised

Settling In:

  • Allow your animal to investigate the new environment
  • Be cautious of people opening and closing car doors and exiting buildings
  • Playing music can be soothing and will help drown out unfamiliar sounds
  • Allow your pet a transition period. They may need a bit of down time to recuperate from the stress of travelling

~ Tracy

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